Andra Nechita

Andra Nechita

Executive Assistant | 310.625.4392 mobile

A Los Angeles native at heart, Andra was born and raised in both Romania and Ireland (you might even hear her Romanian-Irish accent pop out every now and then). It was this multicultural upbringing, along with a background in the world of acting, that shaped her passion for culture and nurtured her desire to understand how to effectively communicate with people of all backgrounds. After spending most of her undergraduate years immersed in the world of writing, music and music management, it was the global pandemic that opened the door to a new and exciting career in the Real Estate Industry. A recent graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a double minor in Music Industry and Anthropology, Andra is ecstatic to bring her passion for people and cultures onboard to her new position as the Executive Assistant to founding partners F. Ron Smith and David Berg.

In her free time, you’ll find Andra on the hunt for the best eggs benedict in LA, writing anything from slam poetry to screenplays and listening to music.